Milah has long been regarded as an essential and integral component of the religious freedoms which Jews require in order to live comfortably within host societies.
Milah UK is the organisation set up by the UK Jewish community to explain, promote and ensure we are able to carry out Milah – neonatal male circumcision – in accordance with our religious and cultural beliefs and traditions.

Milah UK provides reliable information about:

  • The Biblical origins of Milah;
  • how Milah is performed;
  • measures taken to ensure safety is the top priority and risk is minimised;
  • why Milah represents the fulfilment of a Jewish child's right to his own family heritage.
We provide a single point of contact to government, the media and other third parties seeking the Jewish community’s view on issues relating to religious circumcision.

For all media enquiries please use our contact form or call +44 (0)207 543 5403

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